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I love having a job. I just hate going to that mf !!!

Remember the time you wanted to grow up and do a job and earn money? God help us! If you have a job you love, well it’s a win-win. You love Mondays. You love your working place and working buddies and well, you are having a ‘perfect life’ But then, what about people like us,...

Yes, Momma was right!

Yes, Momma was right! Everyone is not your FRIEND!

Just because too much of people are around you, it doesn’t mean that you or them are really friends. Face it! Just being together means nothing if you don’t share bonds with each other. Loyality is extreamly hard to find. Some of us know it by the hard way. Trust me when i say this....

Excuse me... I found your nose in my business

Excuse me… I found your nose in my business

Don’t tell me shit. Nobody said about me BECAUSE YOU SAID SOMETHING TOO BITCH People are always like to talk about others. It is their interesting subject. This is very irritating and frustrating someone keeps poking his nose in our matters. Some gossips are malicious. Many people telling lie about others. It may kill your...

Are you feeling down1

Are you feeling down? Hope this advice will help

Hey there! How are you holding up? Times are rough? Don’t see a light in the end of the tunnel? All hopes seemed to have faded away? Well hang on there, buddy. If you are feeling so much down in life and going through some hard sh*t right now, well here are some words for...


It’s a drought out here of loyal people

‘Do good and good will come to you’ This is the shittiest thing I have ever heard after ‘I love you forever’. According to the ‘society’, I have done good. I have helped people, I have been really kind to people who screwed me up, I helped animals, blah blah blah. But, did my life...


When a woman leaves you for herself, she won’t be back

Have you ever had a hell of a breakup that feels like your whole life is draining out from you?  You can’t sleep, eat or go out and simplify your life is a living hell. It’s not living. It’s just breathing.  This phase can last for years. Trust me. The more you love, the more...


We should always keep in mind that SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID

Is it really better to dispel anger, frustration, and emotions? Will it make things easier for someone? You have gone through a terrible break, of the kind where there is no howling, there is only silence in the air. We say words but we do not listen to them. So many memories are replaying and...

razy ex-gf stories

10 crazy ex-gf stories which are super strange

These 10 stories which we  found on the internet will make you think twice about the relationships you had 1.It was like a horror movie scene. She sent me a video of herself in her underwear. Waved her hand before the camera, she took a blade in her wrist, wiped the blood between her fingers...


How a parent’s affection for a child’s happiness for life

So, how can you bring more affection into your family’s day? 1. As soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital, be sure to hold it, touch it and rock it in your arms. Spend a lot of precious time caressing your baby so you can touch your skin 2. As you get older,...

Make life easy

Make life easy, make your circle small!

Fake friends are a diseased man! I’m telling you all it’s a terrible disease that will hit you up at some point in your life and will destroy you and most probably every damn dollar you’ve earned! So beware of this fake sh*t and know who to keep close and who to dump. With this...

grooming hacks

09 grooming hacks all the guys should know

1. Always tell a new hairdresser how much time has passed since your last haircut. Barbers know how long it takes for the hair to grow, so if you tell them how long  Since your hair was cut for the last time, they can imagine what your hair looked like when they were. From there,...

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13 Reаsons to Dаte а Teаcher

Remember thаt teаcher you secretly hаd а crush on аll the wаy through college or uni? Guess whаt now you re аllowed to dаte them (but mаybe, not the sаme one& thаt would be а bit strаnge) And if you need аny other reаson to dаte а teаcher, We’re prepаred fifteen more: Meet compаtible mаtches...

black and white depression failure 48566

Hаbits Of People With Conceаled Depression

This аrticle is аll аbout mаking these people more visible to you, to be аble to try to help them or simply tаckle а professionаl for thаt mаtter. Here аre hаbits of people with hidden depression: Tаlented аnd expressive Mentаl diseаses аre very commonly аmong celebrities. When deаling with this condition, individuаls become more emotionаl...