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Harry Potter face mask that reveals the Marauder’s Map as you breathe, created by artist

As masks are becoming a must wear accessory among this new normal time period everyone is coming up with new creative ways to wear them to look chic and trendy. Tik tok sensation Stefanie Hook is one of them. She posted a video on tik tok of her wearing a mask she had made herself. The seemingly black mask transformed and revealed the magical Marauder’s map as she breathed. This magical twist spiked interest in all die hard Potterheads out there as the video got a whopping 414,00 likes.

Stefanie revealed that she had wanted to “bring some magic into the real world” which she had rightly done. She is the owner of CPEX, her company through which she sells handmade plush toys and accessories. Being a mother of three and a US navy reservist she states her passion was in creating magic for little ones. Recent times had made her produce face masks as well.


Through her masks were not medical – grade they certainly were created by following protocol issued by The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s sewing instructions.  The CDC recommends citizens to use cloth as a make shift face masks in areas that prove hard to maintain a distance of six feet.

A product meant to ‘bring some magic’ into the world

The Harry Potter inspired mask was one of Stefanie’s many creative ideas. She also stated that she tries to bring imagination to life in the creation of her products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items. Her passion is to give each an everyone the ability to own their own unique item which will flare up their imagination and inspire others to be creative.

Stefanie reveals that the whole process is time consuming. She creates multiple prototypes once the idea pops up in her head. The video she had shared on tik tok was a prototype where she was largely surprised at the following that video gained. It was a magical moment for all die hard Harry Potter fans. The mask just brought out their inner wizard by displaying the famous map.

Simple tools, but a time-consuming process

The masks she had already produced had all been taken but here’s the good news. She plans to re-stock from May 29th onwards. That’s right you can get your own Marauder’s map from the 29th of May. What’s even better is that this time it’s not just for Potter heads as more videos on her tik tok reveal that she plans to create masks inspired by The nightmare before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland.


The masks are said to change colour once it reaches a certain temperature. The Colour changing shift happens at 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 27.8Celsius. They might fade over time after several washes. Each of her masks are unique as no two masks have the same design. Stefanie is overwhelmed at the love her followers had shown and is inspired to create more and bring more magic to people which will brighten their days.


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