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Potterhead couple spends $10000 for their Wizardry Wedding

Amy (left) and Kayleigh on their magical wedding

Destiny has its own ways of meeting people. In a world full of wonders, it’s not a miracle when two people end up married because of Harry Potter.  So, when you say you are totally into a movie or a book, how much are you obsessed with it? Well, here we have living proofs of hardcore Harry Potter fans.

Kayleigh Holcroft, 29, Royal Mail worker from Greater Manchester, realized pharmacy dispenser Amy, 27, was THE ONE on their third date as they realized both of them are die-hard Harry Potter fans.

They began dating since 2017 as Kayleigh wore a Harry Potter top for their third date. After two years, as it’s not awesome enough to find the soulmate through Harry Potter, they spend $10000 for their spell bounded wedding at Bolton’s Smithills Hall last month, which also included broomstick rides and wand duels.

The couple said that they were euphoric when they decided to throw a Harry Potter themed wedding. So, this wedding, unlike the ones we have seen, is far from ordinary.  Why? Because they brought Harry Potter movie to the real world. The wedding rings they produced were form the chapter of The Half-Blood Prince ‘The Unbreakable Vow’. They signed the marriage certificate with quills. What’s more interesting is that, this couple received many gifts including a talking Sorting Hat.

The couple got their photographer to Photoshop in a few bits from the films

The photographer, Joe Hague, even though hasn’t watched even a single movie, did a perfect unique job in making the couple’s dream come true. With computer wizardry, the couple was flying in broomsticks, hiding from Hagrid’s spider; Aragog, and also casting spells at Voldemort.

Guests got to choose a wand

 What made them happier, according to self-confessed Hufflepuff Amy is that most of the guests were on board with this magical-themed wedding. She says that she has been re-reading the Harry Potter books more than she can count. Her favorite character is Tonks as she is also a Hufflepuff and McGonagall while Kayleigh’s favorite characters are Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix.


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