Have you been there to that living hell where everything is a mess, where everything is beyond your control?

Well, I guess we all have. Zillion times, we have looked at ourselves in the mirror and asked ‘Why, Why again” with tears rolling in our cheeks because we know that there’s no one out there to help us. How many times have we thought of killing ourselves because we know that there’s nothing permanent for us out there?

Well, I guess we have been to hell and survived. Haven’t we? That’s why we feel less. That’s why we can’t move on like others do, and above all, that’s why we try not to hurt others because we know how it feels.

I know, both you and I had high hopes beyond the sky when that person talked sweet. “We fell in love the way we fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” And there was no turning back and, I guess, that’s why it still hurts after all these years.

So, darling, do you really think that we are cursed for not having the person we loved more than everything, or not having the carrier we died for?

Do you think that the things we lost are a real loss? Think again. Isn’t it better to be alone than being with

a person who uses you, who makes you feel like you are not enough? Is that what those people call love?

Nah, whatever love is, that’s not love. They say we have to sacrifice our happiness, our inner peace, for what you love? Really? Who told you that? For heaven’s sake, we also got a life to live. We have every right to be happy like everyone else in the world.

You might think that world is collapsing around for not having what you want. But if you look, like, really into things you lost, trust me there’s something good in there. So, if you get a second chance to be with that person, don’t think twice to give ‘the finger.’ If you get a chance to leave a place where you don’t have the respect you deserve, don’t blink.

We might have lost every fucking shit we have, but trust me, it all opened our eyes in the end.