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Air pollution hits to the peak in South Asian region

Air pollution hits to the peak in South Asian region

A toxic smog which is caused by heavy air pollution has disabled the many functions in the capital of India , New Delhi. The government has shout down schools and stopped planes from landing to the international airports due to this incident. But this air situation has a greater effect on citizens in New Delhi which is more than 20 million.  A health emergency was announced on Friday and the people were advised to stay indoors. Free masks were distributed among millions of citizens to reduce the impact of the air pollution.

New Delhi has become one of the major cities in the world in the recent years with its economic growth.  Air quality in Delhi has become the worst among 1600 cities in a survey done by WHO. About 1.5 million people die in India due to air pollution every year. According to the WHO reports India has the highest death rate from respiratory diseases in the world.

Air pollution hits to the peak in South Asian region

The reasons for the air pollution in Delhi has many aspects. Overpopulation has become a major issue in the city . With the overpopulation hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles emit harmful gases to the air everyday. A thermal power station in Badarpur also can be considered as a major cause for this. It produces so many particulate matter that pollutes the air .

However it seems like that authorities also have a part in this matter. Authorities have not monitored the air quality and the other parameters well in the recent years. And as a whole, India has not given any political priority to this.

Aravind Kejiriwal , a politician in Delhi has stated that Delhi is turning in to a gas chamber in one of his tweets. “Delhi has turned into a gas chamber due to smoke from crop burning in neighbouring states” he said.

As humans it is important for all of us to prevent these kind of things from being happening. This is our earth, If we destroy it there would be no an other place to go. Let’s take a collaborative effort to stop air pollution and all other environment pollution


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