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Top 10 most embarrassing situations in the gynecologist

Going to your gynecologist’s home is never a pleasure, but it can happen that these appointments turn into real disasters.

We have listed the 10 most embarrassing situations that have happened to women at their doctor’s office and that we have reported patients.

1. Find yourself naked in the office

”  First appointment with a gynecologist. I feel very stressed and at the same time, I tell myself that if all women go there I have no reason to be afraid. The gynecologist brings me into his office, asks me some questions about my intimate life and asks me to undress. He looks at his file to finish entering all the information that concerns me. When he raises his head he makes me understand that it was not necessary to undress completely. Just the bottom was enough. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.  Carine, 27 years old.

2. Have a stuck buffer

”  It seems like it happens all the time but the day we go to the gynecologist with a tampon stuck is still very embarrassing. My doctor told me it was due to a faulty pad and that it did not matter. Phew! I thought I was going near septicemia!  Marie, 32 years old.

3. Make a fart in full auscultation

”  This is the most embarrassing moment of my life: while the gynecologist was about to see me, she asks me to bring my buttocks from the edge of the chair to be able to review. I perform but this movement is accompanied by a vaginal fart. I act as if nothing had happened but I was so confused that my doctor preferred to smile to relax. Alice, 41 years old.

4. Discover the head of a young replacement at the last second

”  I decided to go to my gynecologist because I am embarrassed by ingrown hair very badly placed. The appointment should not last long. But what is not my surprise to discover that the one who was going to remove me this hair was not my usual gynecologist but his replacement, a young man straight out of the medical school. When to go, have to go.  Estelle, 25 years old.

5. Have a foot in the cast

”  It can happen to every one to break your leg but when you find yourself at the gynecologist with a cast, the situation is, to say the least, embarrassing. Now I have to make a superhuman effort to get my leg on the toe and twist my pelvis to allow the doctor to do his examination. We knew better.  Juliette, 34 years old.

6. Wear a torn panties

”  We do not always think of all the appointments we will have to face in the day when we put on her panties in the morning. So this is the day when we put his panties ripped that we find the gynecologist. Then we wiggle in all directions to remove it at the speed of light hoping that his doctor saw nothing. The gynecological position is humiliating enough not to add to lingerie in a sorry state. Mathilde, 21 years old.

7. Forgetting to be depilated

”  I have an appointment with the gynecologist, so I think, the day before, to go to the beautician, to allow my doctor to see more clearly. Except that this time, my gynecologist was not interested in the bottom but my breasts and my armpits that I had unfortunately not depilated, for lack of time. A real little monkey. Elodie, 38 years old.

8. Being too stressed to allow the gynecologist to do his job

”  It was the first time I went to the gynecologist. I was a virgin and excruciatingly stressed. My mother had recommended me to make a first assessment with his doctor and then see what follow he wanted to put in place. I was so paralyzed during the auscultation that he could not explore anything. I was all closed. I apologized. He did not look shocked and managed to relax after long minutes. The most embarrassing review of my life.  Claire, 17 years old.

9. Have a fungal disease

”  After antibiotic treatment, I felt severe itching in my panties. Friends told me that it must be fungal and that it was very common after antibiotics. The itching did not subside, I decided to go see a gynecologist. After explaining to him my situation, he hisses me and says: “It’s a real battlefield in there!” The absolute shame  “. Michèle, 53 years old.

10. Have your rules

”  I was recommended an excellent gynecologist. If deemed that it is necessary to wait 4 months to hope to get an appointment. The four months pass and the day before, I realize that I have my period. I can not cancel my appointment. I go to the doctor and apologize in advance for introducing myself to him in this state. He did not seem more embarrassed than that and proceeded to examine him as if nothing had happened. I never went back there. ” Solange, 35 years old. 


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