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The 7 Signs Of A Girl Not Interested At All!

Stop Wasting Your Time Guys!

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Today you will know the 7 signs of a girl not at all interested in you. Once you have them in mind, it will be easier for you to move on and stop wasting time! Ready? Let’s go!

  1. When It’s Already Dead This Concern Is Recurrent In Many Of You

You ask me the same question all the time: “How can I catch up with this girl to seduce her? I messed up my shot. If you ask yourself this question, it’s already too late to catch up and turn the tide. You have already lost it and you have to move on.

  • She Never Answers You

Or it takes two hours to answer you, never less. Clearly, she fights the balls of you. In the best case, if she answers you, her answer will be brief or she will not restart the conversation. “Lol”

  • She Always Brings Back A Girlfriend Or A Friend When She Sees You

For a first appointment, it can pass. She may be nervous, she does not know you … If so, you must go out and play as a cool guy to her friends. But if she brings someone back to your second, third, or fourth appointment, she’s not interested in you.

  • She Talks All The Time About Her Ex

“I do not trust men,” “I do not think I’ll fall in love one day,” “My ex was like this …” And a week later, you see her in the arms of a guy. Run away and fast!

  • She Tries To Connect You With Other Girls

She makes you understand that you are not her style, but not to tell you in front, she will try to f*ck you with another girl.

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  1. She Never Pays

If a girl never offers to share the bill, she is probably not interested but even worse, she takes advantage of you. Unfortunately, I know too many men who pay for travel and designer clothes to venal girls who profit from the situation.

  • She Makes No Effort To Help You

One of the tips I give to you all is to push the girl you are interested in to invest her time and money (stay reasonable). You can ask her to do a little service: pick you up at the airport, do the shopping …

 A disinterested girl will never make those efforts for you. She will excuse you every time, to avoid serving you.

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So these are the 7 signs of this article are the most glaring. You must analyze the girls to understand them, to know if you are interested or not. Do not lose your dignity, save time!

If you’re interested let us know!


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