Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Is he showing signs? Well, then it’s time to consider your relationship.

I know, we, girls are little suspicious about each and everything AND especially when it comes to a relationship.

And we have this amazing guts which tell us what’s gonna happen. When it comes to a relationship, you feel that the other person cares about you. It’s not the actions, it’s just your gut feeling. It tells us about the situation we are in before we get any clear signs.

So, that’s exactly why we have to trust our intuition.

We tend to remember details than males. So, we notice any slight change in the partner’s behavior and trust me, it’s not something you should avoid.

Keep in mind that communication is the key. If you feel any sudden change in your partner, don’t hesitate just talk directly because a healthy relationship is based on trust. If you can’t have a heart to heart discussion with your partner, well, it cannot be a healthy one, can it?

You deserve someone who stays even after seeing your dark side. And trust me, we are worth enough not to settle for less. The truth is we cannot change someone because we love that person. Whatever means to stay will stay and whatever means to go, will go.

After all, we all are humans. You cannot expect others to treat you well, because you have a good heart. But you can always seek what’s best for you. So, I hope 2020 will bring you the best and hope you find happiness wherever you go.


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