Have you ever had a hell of a breakup that feels like your whole life is draining out from you?  You can’t sleep, eat or go out and simplify your life is a living hell. It’s not living. It’s just breathing.  This phase can last for years. Trust me. The more you love, the more you suffer.

Along with this ‘walking through hell’ phase, you might have realized that your life changes as you have never imagined. You get used to pain, willingly or unwillingly because once your heart is broken, it will never be the same.

With this closing chapter, you will realize that you are changing. With time, you will believe people less and will start to use the brain (fortunately!). So when the time comes, you will find another ‘The One’ from God knows where. But are you the same person? No darling. You are matured now. So it doesn’t matter whether this is Mr. Perfect or not because for you what matters now is ‘YOU’.

Even if you are in a relationship, you will know when to leave him if it’s not gonna work. You know what you deserve and you will never settle for less. This is the miraculous result you get for loving someone who never loved you back. So, when you leave someone, you are leaving him in search of yourself. Your gut will tell you that this man cannot make you happy. That’s it. There’s no point of trying to change him because that’s the way he is. So you just leave the table and never returns because honey, if we want to survive we have to take care of ourselves first. because no one is coming to save you.

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  1. So If she does comeback is it safe to say she left for someone else or job opportunities or just experiences in life without you ?

  2. That’s true but the only thing you said is false I have higher power who will never leave or forsake me for he is my healer and my help in situations like that I’m going through it now but I know that’s God showing us how and what and who to love so if I’m leaving someone but growing from someone that I’m purpose for or not possible for. But be blessed and know God is in control all the time I just got to either trust him or be alone which no one wants to be. #familyispurpose

  3. What if one does change his/her mind? If you love someone and something goes wrong, what if it’s something about that person and it’s really not that they don’t love you, or that they are betraying you. What if it’s something else inside them that’s causing them to appear as if they are not interested, but they just don’t know where or how to begin?
    And then you misinterpret it and think it’s them,
    And I’m reality it is THEM, except it’s not because of YOU.

  4. Sometimes a woman will still be married and has emotionally left because he is what he is! He does not see any reason to change his ways after 30 years of marriage. I decided to change me and my reactions for my Own Peace and Stability ??

    • Yessssss that is elevating to YOUR highest YOU!
      You make the necessary changes to become the best you in what ever situation you have going on around you. It’s not always easy but life teaches us the lessons we are willing to learn.

    • Congratulations girl 1st step to becoming truly free from the inside out. Be blessed on yr journey and embrace it.

  5. I’m a living testimony that this article speaks the truth, I left my 27 year marriage for myself, it was the only way I’d ever find peace and happiness, that was almost three years ago, at first, I was deeply depressed, couldn’t see the light, over some time, I brushed myself off and started the process to live, today, I’m truly happy and in love with “me” and I owe it all to God, would I go back? NEVER! I’d be a fool to go back to just being alive. I prefer to LIVE

  6. KAY
    Unless you have young children. Then get you
    And your spouse into therapy and fight to make it work. It isn’t always about you. If you loved him enough to make babies…you two be the adults , seek counseling, and pray you can grow as a family. Your kids are NOT better off bouncing between two households

  7. If you aren’t good to yourself you are no good to any one,if GOD wants the best for you why wouldn’t you want the best for yourself

  8. If a man cant respect a woman hes not marriage material. If he cant nurture and care for his wife he is daddy material. If he lies cheats and manipulates hes not man material!

  9. It’s real to say that most women today are confused and don’t understand the concept of love anymore. When U found ur beautiful self lost in a man and fails to control your wrong emotions, you’ll be thinking you’re in love and after sometimes the man develops true love for you and wants to be himself then you realises you were lust and the next thing, you just walk away with any excuse you feel can justify your quit.

    Years gone bye yet you were carried a at in lust and believes the holy spirit or God is guiding you? Wrong.

    Love never dies. Love lives in the heart of those who knows the principles of love. You can’t love today and fall out of love tomorrow, besides it is wrong to fall in or out of love rather you can Only show love. No body deserves a higher love than others. The problem is that people hold on to persons or things and mistake them for love all because they have refused to have an open mind towards others. Ure either lust in the will, position, looks or acquisitions in possession of one individual person or thing and will not want to let go of that possession.

    You’ll discover that even in the midst of bad characteristics of any individual, there are other aspects one sees and others don’t which makes one hold on to that individual.

    Ladies, own up to your desires that you will die for before accepting any guy, men should also do same so that we can raise a generation that understands the true context of love.


  10. And the stubborn is the first and last issue anyone’s willing to put down on the table and leave it there when the temp heats up

  11. What do you make of a man that was cheating before he moved in with someone and nearly 7 years later is still cheating on her! He stays with her for the material things in life and insists he loves her!
    Any ideas folks?

  12. Stay away from manwhores and perverts and pornography and other vulgar violent media. They have no respect and contribute to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We have a state in USA now banning pornograohy. Find a real gentleman, not a useless disrespectful pervert/manwhore.

    • Amen Martha! Any man who regularly views porn, lusts over women, has violent tendencies, breaks out in anger at the slightest confrontation, is NOT a gentleman nor a man of God. Move on. You can’t save him…

  13. Well, women tend to just wrap everything in all these emotions, and connect everything with everything in such a way, that the end result comes more often than not close to bollywood drama… They should ask a lot more and assume a ton less!!! But that might be, perhaps, close to impossible or them??

  14. Or maybe the woman needs to be honest with herself as for how much she really loved him and accepted him the way he is, not wanting to change him into some imaginary being. Wdyt?

    • Question… Are you discrediting the whole post? I’m just wondering if you feel like what she says isn’t true in some situations.

  15. Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks for your time!

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  17. I understand growth.. Maturity.. But what if the female is having problems in her life and in the end it’s tearing her apart.. And yu as the man have been there for her no matter the circumstance..no judging of her past no pointing the fingers. You try to uplift her and regardless of what you do it’s jus not good enough.. Constantly pushing you away even though deep down she wants you there… Only to be told you can’t do a relationship.. How is that okay?…investing time into someone like dat always being there without an alterior motive..accepting your flaws for what dey are and looking pass them. Den u supposed to just accept a decision..dats F’d up… People don’t want real love or companionship yu don’t get rid of people who is not being negative in your life and trying to help… Yu get rid of people who causes turmoil and wud prefer to watch u suffer… You can grow and mature with someone.. You leave the person who dosent wanna grow with yu..

    • My girl had enough with me. I have trouble understanding things. I get upset and aggervated but i am trying. I do what i can to help. I work away from home and inly go home on the weekends and i feel im left out on a lot. Fight after fight i tried to change and i still want to change to be perfect for her. But she left me and i am still so in love with her but she says sometimes live is not enough

  18. I found out my boyfriend was making females comfortable when I told him not to. A sentence he told a female from Snapchat who claims she’s a “lesbian” is still hurting me. Physically I’m ready to leave him but I’m experiencing attachment trauma so I’m not mentally & emotionally ready. I don’t know what to do I have so much on my plate at 18 right now.

  19. Great read! A broken heart will help you realize what works for you and that’s for sure. Us ladies have to learn love ourselves FIRST!!!!

  20. I am honestly fed up with this biased one sided misandry, there are PLENTY of MEN who leave the “relationship/marriage” because HE is fed up with the lack of appreciation, abuse and insufferable attitude of entitlement from the girlfriend or wife. He is tired of being treated like a PAYCHECK instead of a loving devoted partner who sacrifices everything for his family.
    This is the whole basis for the MGTOW movement.

    • She wasn’t referring to all men. This post was only for women who are going through the same thing she’s going through… I feel like you would get a post about your concerns from another man… Who is going through that. The title explains it’s from a woman’s point of view about Letting go of a man that needs to be let go of… And If you’re going through something like that..I hope things get better for you

  21. 7 years I finally did it! At a point in a woman’s life you have to say enough is enough! I know myself worth & I deserve better! I am now in a relationship with Me, Myself & I ! We are very happy together! 😉


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