Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Death of 20-year-old American actor Cameron Boyce, Disney Channel star

The young American actor Cameron Boyce, star of the Disney Channel, died this weekend at the age of 20 in Los Angeles, confirmed Sunday...

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Have you been there to that living hell where everything is a mess, where everything is beyond your control? Well, I guess we all have....

Fix her crown she’s your best friend

Admit it, we all have that one friend who has constant relationship problems and the week isn’t complete without some drama going down. This...


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Here are a few tips that can help you cope with a breakup

Allow yourself time to grieve: Allow yourself to feel the emotions and process them in a healthy way. Focus on self-care: Take care of yourself...

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How To Seduce A Man According To His Astrological Sign

Are You Tired Of Reading Miracle Recipes On Seduction Without Really Knowing How To Act In Front Of The Man You Are Interested In? You do not want...

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Bushfire continues to spread! what’s happening now in Sydney? read the full article!

As we all know Sydney is draught by smokes and with the battle of two weeks finally today the firefighters blast into happiness and...

The Top 10 TV Shows Of All Time

1. The Walking Dead One word: survive. A post-apocalyptic epidemic strikes the United States. Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) comes out of a long coma and stunned...

Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Wants to See Ironheart in the MCU

With the era of the Big 3 seemingly over, Marvel Studios will usher in a new wave of heroes to lead the franchise in the future....

Old man caught nude while having sex with a cow

This hilarious story comes to us from Thailand. A 68-year-old man was fined $9.64 after he was caught nude while he was having sex....

In Brazil, a couple has restored a forest by planting two million trees in 20 years.

As we all know, the forest plays a key role in the welfare of the environment, hence the importance of preserving it. Unfortunately, this...

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PARIS - The cathedral of Notre-Dame, one of the most emblematic monuments of the French capital, was burned down on Monday night when a catastrophic fire...

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