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Yes, Momma was right! Everyone is not your FRIEND!

Just because too much of people are around you, it doesn’t mean that you or them are really friends. Face it! Just being together means nothing if you don’t share bonds with each other.

Loyality is extreamly hard to find. Some of us know it by the hard way. Trust me when i say this. That ain’t pretty at all.

Finding people that values you will be challenging. Most of them undervalue us. Only you have your heart and mind and no one else.

The best example of life can be seen as a “Party”. We invite a lot of people. Yet only some appear at your doorstep, some don’t. While some stays at your home, some leave. Most importantly very rarely a few stays after party and help you to clean up the mess.

Which do you think are youur true friends. You decide. Simple as that!

Each and everyone you meet in your life plays a role in your life. Whether you like it or not. You only should decide who shoud okay the most important roles! So decide carefully!

One of the main causes of trouble in life is having too much of friends. Keep a hand full of people who you can be yourself rather than a pretend. Ask yourself “Do i really wanna be with them?” Answer may be shocking. Don’t let others decide your life and choices. Grab and take control, who do you want around you!

Shakespeare said “I always feel happy , because i don’t expect anything from anyone.”

Even Lord Buddha said to minimize relationships as far as possible. So that it would create the peace in your mind.

At the end of the day, only you got to select the most important to you!


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