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Don’t defend your kid when they fuck up, straighten them the Fuck up!

How many of the parents who visit their child in the rehab or to the prison might regret they should have acted on their kid earlier.

It is the parental instinct to stand for their kid whenever they see that their Kid is in trouble. It is a good thing. We all love and respect that parent-child bond. That bond is beautiful. As in the same way it is most commonly said whenever a child has done a wrong that his parents haven’t brought him up well.

We are human beings; a rational species. We can think before we act. Though it was not common in the past it is commonly heard in present at some events that parents involve with punishments which their child gets for a wrong he has done. Most parents tend to think even that the teachers do not have a right to show the right and wrong to a child who did something wrong. It was believed that child tends to learn right and wrong from schools which their parents might miss to teach. Is the situation still the same?

It is good to defend your child. But is it good to stand up for your child when they have done something wrong? What is the impression that the child gets from that?  Forgiving the child first time after teaching him the right and wrong is a god thing if it is an innocent mistake done by the child. But standing for the child in order to protect the reputation and the child covering the wrong definitely gives a different message.

By correcting a wrong as a child gives a more chance in preventing the birth of a future criminal. By defending a child who has done wrong it implants in his mind that what he does is not wrong and their someone who is there to save him whatever he does.

So, what you think is better?

Visiting and bailing your once small kid out of prison or witnessing the successful future?

And if it is the second choice you prefer, I would say “Don’t defend your kid when they fuck up, straighten them the Fuck up”


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