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It’s a drought out here of loyal people

‘Do good and good will come to you’

This is the shittiest thing I have ever heard after ‘I love you forever’. According to the ‘society’, I have done good. I have helped people, I have been really kind to people who screwed me up, I helped animals, blah blah blah. But, did my life become better? Did people start to treat me nicely? No! It was only me who was trying to be human while the others just tried to became someone else.

But have you ever wondered why people are like this?

Yes you do. Like, when you get hurt, you think ‘How could he do that? Why is he like that? Doesn’t he have a heart?’

 No daring! He had a heart, a very big heart but somewhere along the line he started to feel less. He cut out his feelings because he realized that having feelings or being a true human in this vicious world only gonna bring pain. So he decided not to care about anything at all.

So, is it his fault entirely? No. Like all the other people, he got hurt at a point. So he became just cold because he knows that there’s no point of being good in this world.

This is what happens when we take people for granted. You think that this person is gonna stay with you no matter what.  So you throw both rocks and flowers at him or her and hope for the best. But what you have forgotten is that he/she is also a human and any person feds up with time.

It’s just after losing someone you realized how much that person meant to you. You have this void, which cannot be filled. You have shared a history which now is just a memory, Why because you took that person for damn granted.

This how the world becomes full of inhuman. You treat someone bad and that person takes the revenge out from someone else. Voila! An inhuman cycle. So for the sake of God, if someone is looking out for you, taking care of you, try to cheer you up, honey, you are blessed more than you can ever imagine. We are in a century where there are people with no humanity, no emotions, no feelings, no empathy. That’s why, if you have someone who takes care of you, keep that person. Never ever let him or her go. Trust me it’s a drought out here of loyal people in the world.



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