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Are you feeling down? Hope this advice will help

Hey there! How are you holding up? Times are rough? Don’t see a light in the end of the tunnel? All hopes seemed to have faded away? Well hang on there, buddy. If you are feeling so much down in life and going through some hard sh*t right now, well here are some words for you.

As humans when we are born we have a hell lot of responsibilities and a ton of relationships with other humans. We need to take care of endless things and we have to chase our dreams too. If you look back you might notice that you had big aims and sometimes you have diverted from them and now standing in somewhere else, somewhere you didn’t imagine that you would be in, somewhere you don’t like or somewhere which is totally strange to you. And while for some people this is good, for others it is depressing, it’s in our hearts buried deep in us that we don’t stand where we needed to stand, and that worries us.  So maybe you are getting hurt every day by many things in life, the things you expect don’t happen and people you love and trust disappoint you. So you might be needing a change and to run away from all this.

Well for most of us this feeling Is mutual. So we need a plan, a long term one to break this cycle and get out. A “Heal in Silence” period. So here I’m gonna give you some simple advice.

  • Live one day at a time

Just don’t think too much about the future or worry too much about the past. Keep focused on day’s work. Complete them one by one patiently. If you are a busy person and has lot’s of things in mind, no matter how many tasks you have to complete just fully focus on the task at hand.

  • Keep your distance from people

To be honest, most people we meet In our life will disappoint us at some point. So choose people who you want to keep close wisely. Choose the ones who have a less chance of disappointing you close and keep others in distance. By this you will be able to avoid lots of disappointment.

  • DO small changes to the life

Change little things in your life first, add a simple habit or two to make a small change. Spare about 15 minutes of the day to do a simple thing, like reading, painting or a simple thing. May be doing nothing and just sitting could be good for a start.

  • Be with family

Maybe you hate your family, or maybe they hate you. But all of us have someone who we can call family, this could even be a pet. Spend some time with people who you think you are close as a family at least once a week.

  • Eat healthy and sleep

This can do a great change. Eat some quality and healthy food avoiding junk food, And take some good sleep every day, at least 6 hours a day. This will change your life within a few days.



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