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10 crazy ex-gf stories which are super strange

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These 10 stories which we  found on the internet will make you think twice about the relationships you had

1.It was like a horror movie scene.

She sent me a video of herself in her underwear. Waved her hand before the camera, she took a blade in her wrist, wiped the blood between her fingers and said goodbye.

It was like a real scene from a old horror movie

Oh, and yes, she is alive.

2. She threatened to kill me, killed my cat and got involved in identity theft.

She threatened to kill me, killed my cat and became involved in identity theft. A month later, she  asked  me to be friends and not live in the past, as she tried to do.

3.She cut her forehead with scissors.

My ex tried to win my sympathy by cutting her forehead with nail scissors after a night and claiming she was attacked on the way home. I know because she left a pair of scissors with blood on the bedside table, like a complete moron.

4. She let her new boyfriend assault my two daughters.

She sent her new boy  friend after my two daughters when they were only few years old.

5. She shot me and caused $ 30,000 in damage to my house.

Scheduled to kill me, then tried to execute the plan. $ 30,000 damage to my house and a shot at me when I got home.

6. She secretly tortured our 3-year-old son by locking him in the closet so she could go to Kmart to fu*k random boys.

She  secretly tortured our 3-year-old son by locking him in the closet so he could go to Kmart to fuck guys at random. Long story, now I have all the care and he is following a therapy like a happy 6 years without almost any memories of that time.

7. She told me that she had brain cancer.

sHe told me she had brain cancer. Constantly, she called me crying, telling me that she did not know if she would live or not and all the surgeries she was experiencing. Had a conversation with her family after 6 months and learned that none was that ever happened.

8. Sent me poop on the mail for 3 weeks

We were only dating for 2 weeks and after it ended, she mailed me poop everyday for three weeks.

9. She began to send huge bouquets to herself at work, but signed the cards with my name.

She started sending herself huge bouquets at work, but signing the cards with my name. Apparently she did not want her colleagues to know we were divided. It was before she lied to me about her pregnancy and her intention to keep it. In court They ordered a no contact order and I won in court when she contested the order.

This breakup was insane, but the most disturbing part was the flowers.

10. Threatened to lie to the police for sexually abusing her child.

My ex, 10 years ago, was an abusive alcoholic, I was  tired of her false promises and her constant shit that I just came out

During the next months, she was call my house, drunk and boasting about who she slept with.

Showed at my parents house, drunk, demanding to talk to me …. Many times she was verbally abusive to my mother, who basically told her to “fuck before calling the police”.

She threatened to lie to the police about me sexually abusing her son.

she threatened to tell the police that she had bruises on her body (because he was drunk all the time and that she fell a lot) came from me … … Ironically, it was she who hit me …

Five months after my departure, she told my parents that she was 2 months pregnant and that it should be mine

She called my boss several times at work, demanding that I get fired for being abusive to her at my workplace (supermarket). He laughed at her and finally told her that she had been expelled from the store for harassing the staff.

Probably more, but thinking about it makes me feel like shit…


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