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Excuse me… I found your nose in my business

Don’t tell me shit. Nobody said about me

People are always like to talk about others. It is their interesting subject. This is very irritating and frustrating someone keeps poking his nose in our matters. Some gossips are malicious. Many people telling lie about others. It may kill your reputation. When someone close to you spread this type of gossip. It may hurt you. Because you trust them and telling you all the secrets to them, maybe they will spread it and make new rumors about you. THAT’S THEIR FAULT NOT YOURS, you just trust them…

Some people choose a path to close you by saying something about others. They think by saying these gossips for you they get a chance to win your heart. This is ridiculous. This is the nature of human. We are sociable creatures. We need to talk to each other’s, we need to share our feelings, and we need a good ear to listen to our thoughts. But do we need to talk about others? No, we don’t. We should keep our nose out of others matters.

When people have nothing to do, they will create a drama about us and enjoying it. Even we don’t know but we are the main characters of their drama. When someone is doing something great, some don’t want to see their success. They just pull their leg to down.

But there’s a good thing even in gossips. If you can prevent it if you can ignore all rumors you will be unbeaten. Gossips can’t paralyze you. If you keep thinking about rumors around you, that will kill your whole life. There’s no point to depend on someone opinion about you. You should show to others what you can do. You should build up a good reputation for you. A good reputation is the best weapon against gossips. Even if a bad rumor about you goes around you, when you have a good reputation, few people believe it, the truth about you tends to win out.

In some case, you will feel some rumors are so serious, when you really need to talk to the person who started it. Maybe it will make no sense but you need to approach the people who are gossiping about you. They may learn that what they say eventually gets back to the victim as well as you can clean the air and hopefully settle the problem.

AS mentioned earlier your strong reputation may kill all bad rumors about you. Gossip is something you can’t control. But that doesn’t mean it has to control you. So stay strong and be yourself.


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