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Stop Being the NICE GUY!

Caution: Helping those who don’t deserve, may cause you heartbreaks!

Genuinely i was always concerned of what others say and care, A lot!!

But after a lifetime of experience, I just Don’t give a f*ck!.  Having a good heart is not a thing to be ashamed of. But what you got to be aware are a**holes around you. No matter how committed, better hearted you are, they will still let you down.

Firstly You need to identify the “Toxic Friendship”. Each and everyone should know that friendship is not about cost and benefit. Those bullsh*t belongs to accountants. Friendship is all about sharing and caring. If the company you keep around doesn’t care, you’re having a bad time and if you’re being bullied all the time, (Hey Genius!, Keep in mind that friendly pranks not included!) you definitely got to KEEP OUT!

If the so called friends are always having a negative attitude others, creating gossips, make you regret past times and most importatnly if they stress you out, please do yourself a favour. Just say “NO!”.

Don’t let them make you do something that is not comfortable with you. Let them know when they are acting mean and disrespecting you. You should also want them to know how you feel in their behavior. If things keep getting worse, you can always end the toxic friendship!.

I would recommend getting professional help for such situations as these things can be turned in to a messy situation. So better to take precautions… Don’t take unnecessary risks. Life is always providing you with better chances. When you lose 10, you get 100! That’s the law of nature.

One thing to remember ALWAYS!

You can never satisfy each and everyone in your family, school, college or anywhere. Trust me guys. Tried and Failed. Just be yourself and be the badass* that keep yourself HAPPY!. Help those who are in need, but never expect a thing!


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