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Want to give a perfect payback? Check this out….

Hello awesome people, Hope all you are doing well! You know no matter how much we mind our own business there are a number of cunts that we come across in our lives and makes our time miserable. This could be one of your friends, or relatives or most of the times this could be your boss at your workplace! These people become complete assholes to us and ruin our day. So what can we do to them as a payback? Today I’m gonna introduce you a couple of items that you can send them anonymously and have your payback in a classy and fun way.

1. Dickhead trophy

Some people become total dicks and actually, they deserve a trophy for that!! So you can award them this trophy anonymously and let them know “congrats! You won an award for being a dick!” this item is priced as low as $16.99 and you can order this item on ruindays.com and send to your target with 100% secrecy!  If you have an annoying coworker, why don’t you try this on?

2. Butthurt Report Pad

How many butthurt people do you come across daily? These handy butthurt reports will make your day awesome as you can handover an actual butthurt report to them! As we know butthurt people are so unpredictable and they will always try to get back at you, so keep these reports ready to give them!

This pad of 50 butthurt report sheets is priced as low as $9.99 at ruindays.com you should go and take a look!

3. Smelly poop in a box

You might scream “whaaat???”, and yes it is exactly what it says on the title. A wet fresh poop in a box! And in addition, it is sprayed with condensed hobo farts!!!  Actually, though it is called as “poop in a box” this is shipped in a screw-top tin can, which helps keeping the moisture of the hobo farts and the poop will arrive wet and fresh. And also this package comes with a note that says “Have a shitty day”

To order this, go to ruindays.com and help your enemies have a shitty day!!!

4. Grow a pair

Do you know this guy who talks shit behind your back but not talking with you directly? Well that’s the exact guy who needs to grow a pair. These awesome testicles will grow 6 times larger in the water! How awesome that is?

You can order a pair at ruindays.com

5. How to not be a cunt Book

This masterpiece is written by the author Notta Kunt. This book contains all the help that a cunt need. But unfortunately, the recent studies show about 7 out of 10 cunts will actually remain cunts for the rest of their life no matter what we do. This book is really helpful because it contains the mantra that all cunts need


The noncunts understand this mantra easily and we take this mantra seriously. But for the cunts, the book is so much needed to get the job done.

Buy this book at the ruindays.com   Store now!

6. I’m a piece of shit UNISEX t-shirt

This is the next level shit! You can buy this unisex tshirt with your recipient’s name printed on it! The most awesome way for the payback is’t it? If you can send a poop box with this it would be the perfect pair.

You can buy all the products mentioned here and much more at ruindays.com   check out the store! They have some pretty awesome shit going on.

Share this with your friends to know how to deal with their enemies and cunts! And also don’t forget to leave your ideas in the comments!


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