Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Make life easy, make your circle small!

Make life easy

Fake friends are a diseased man! I’m telling you all it’s a terrible disease that will hit you up at some point in your life and will destroy you and most probably every damn dollar you’ve earned! So beware of this fake sh*t and know who to keep close and who to dump.

With this new society which we have all kinds of social media, facebook, twitter, youtube and all, we meet people like flies man! This world is turning in to a global village thingy, so there are thousands of viewers to you even if you don’t know. So the thing is these people are watching you, all your moves through social F*cking media. So when there is a chance to hit you up, they will hit you up! They will take what they need you and trash you up within seconds, If you want to survive, you better know who is real and who is not. All these relationships and bonds we create through digital screens these won’t last forever! One click at “unfriend”, “unfollow” or “block”, BOOOM! You are gone from their life. So do not trust anyone you meet online. Keep your distance. Know who is there for you.

When the hard times come it’s like a real test for all your bonds and relationships which you have so much value, they are tested automatically. But the thing is when the test comes, it could be too late for you. So always move on with your life without the expectation of getting help. If you get into some shit, some real deep shit, know you are in the shit and work your way out of it. You will find a way no matter the depth of the shit you are in. Make life easy, keep your circle small.


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