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The iPad Pro 5G probably will not be until 2021.


theiPad Pro It is the nomadic machine for excellent. Lightweight and compact, the tablet does not lack power and also has a platform as suitable for digital creation as content consultation or even office automation. And the question that everyone asks is, of course, when will we get a 5G version?

Probably not for now. This is at least what one of the latest Ming-Chi Kuo reports suggests.


In this famous report, the indefinable analyst indicates that the first iPad Pro to benefit from compatibility with 5G will not be commercialized before the year 2021. Or in two years.

The iPad Pro 5G, will not be until 2021.

If you are interested in all the news related to Apple, then you know that the American brand recently buried the ax with Qualcomm. The two companies had been in trouble for several years for a patent history.

Against all odds, and although there was nothing to predict, Apple and Qualcomm finally managed to resolve their dispute, to the chagrin of our poor Intel.

During the conflict, Apple had begun a strategic approach towards the firm of Santa Clara and it was assumed that the latter would provide the 5G modems of the future iPhone. However, the development of this famous modem took a long time and it is easy to imagine that this semi-failure had to weigh much in the balance. It is even possible that this is what pushed Apple to put some water in their wine.

There are no changes in the view at the diagonal level.

Now, then, everything is fine between Apple and Qualcomm and we even know that it will provide the 5G modems that the iPhone expected in 2020.

However, and contrary to what one might have thought, the iPad Pro 5G will not come out at the same time. Do not agree with Ming-Chi Kuo anyway from this last table instead of a pitch in 2021.

In any case, we should not expect large changes in the diagonal of the machine. The iPad Pro 5G should also come in several versions, with an 11-inch screen on one side and 12.9 inches on the other. On the other hand, Kuo also hopes to find on board a new LCP panel, a panel that will reduce the risk of signal loss and should allow the tablet to remain permanently connected.



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