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Samsung inspects Galaxy Fold phones after complaints

Samsung has spent almost eight years developing the Galaxy Fold, which is part of South Korea’s technology giant’s strategy to drive growth with innovative devices.

“We will thoroughly inspect these devices in person to determine the cause of the case,” Samsung said in a statement after the publication of the damage reports on the screen.

The firm suggested that some reviewers had problems with the screen because part of the screen had been removed.

“The main screen of the Galaxy Fold has a top protective layer, which is part of the structure of the screen designed to protect the screen from unwanted scratches,” he said.

“Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main screen can cause damage and we will make sure that this information is communicated clearly to our customers.”

Some of the critics, including the Bloomberg gunman, had eliminated this layer.

CNBC’s Steve Kovach said he has not done so yet, but he still faces major problems with the camera.

Samsung is the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world and this month launched the 5G version of its high-end Galaxy S10 device.

Despite recent announcements of its new high-end devices, Samsung warned of a more than 60% drop in operating profits in the first quarter due to weak markets.

The company is not oblivious to the problems of devices.

Its reputation has been greatly affected by the damaging worldwide recovery of its Galaxy Note 7 devices after the batteries exploded, costing the company billions of dollars and breaking its global brand.

Samsung has announced the launch of the Galaxy Fold scheduled for April 26.

The share price fell 2.6% on Thursday afternoon.


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