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Apple, Samsung, Huawei already launched in the battle of 5G

By hooking up with Qualcomm, which will provide 5G modems, the iPhone maker gets underway to rush into the emerging market of 5G smartphones. The battle with the two other giants in the industry, Huawei and Samsung, has really started.

He was missing only him. At the end of an extraordinary legal battle, Apple has finally found an agreement with its former supplier Qualcomm and is at the same time a big step towards the launch of an iPhone 5G. The race for innovation in which manufacturers are hired, who hope to improve sales of smartphones thanks to this new technology, is completely revived.

So far, the American giant appeared as the big missing of the 5G. In the absence of an agreement with its historical partner, modems reference provider, Apple was condemned to see the 5G train pass without him. His partnership with Intel – abandoned so for the benefit of Qualcomm – allowed him to consider an iPhone compatible with this technology until 2020 or 2021.


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