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Epic Games presses Steam


Almost all PC game enthusiasts know this, Steam is the undisputed world leader in digital distribution. The platform has more games than any other platform and offers its services to millions of players around the world.

This could change with the launch last year of the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games offers a totally different relationship in terms of selling their games. For each game sold, 88% of the revenue goes to the developers and 12% to the publisher. This model undermines Steam, which has become the norm over the years, with 70% for developers and 30% for the distributor.

Obviously, the proportion of Epic Games attracted more developers and more, the platform aims to launch their new titles exclusively in Epic Games Store. Therefore, these securities will be available for sale on other platforms only after a long period.

The ultimatum launched by Epic Games at Steam’s house.

Despite this advantage of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, its founder, recently released a kind of ultimatum to Steam.

Basically, he said that if Steam agreed toapply the relation 88/12 In its profits, without major limitations for publishers and developers, Epic Games would eliminate the exclusivity of its store and, therefore, would put their own games on Steam.

This is a challenge for Steam by Epic Games, which has become a major video game company with titles like Gears of War and Fortnite. It should be noted that these games are not available on Steam.

Changes in Steam

With the current context and the emergence of new distribution platforms, Steam did not wait for the challenge of Epic Games to make changes. Valve, its parent company, was forced to update its proportion before the announcement of Epic Games. However, these changes only affect high-performance developers.

Currently, games that generate more than $ 10 million in Steam earn 75% of the developers. For those who pay more than $ 50 million, it will be 80%.

This decision is not really unanimous among publishers who are increasingly attracted by the competitor’s offer.

The future will tell us if a new standard proportion will arise or if each house will maintain its own conditions. The advantage is that this competition will offer more product options to videogame fans.




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