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Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Rewards Bug Hunters – News


Although largely optimized since its launch in December 2015, Tome of Clancy Rainbow Six Siege You always have to correct them as additions are made. Having noticed that many errors were caused by the players, Ubisoft decided to reward them.

In fact, the developer / editor has announced yesterday he Implementation of the Bug Hunter program., linked to the R6 Fix tool. This allows players to locate and Ubisoft to solve errors more easily. To date, the editor tells us to have received. more than 7000 reports.

Regarding the operation of this initiative, it is sufficient report a test server error through the R6 correction. Once this is done, the developers observe the report and act accordingly. If the error is reproduced in the studies, then it is recognized. After 3 recognized mistakes, players will receive a raptor leg pendant for Frost, in homage to the famous insect that put the legs of the characters upside down. Be careful, however, only the first person to report a recognized error will validate the latter.

Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow is Magic

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