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Black Ops 4: specialist in stealth, mountain map, next season will be presented on Monday – News


The fourth season of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 It is at our door, and a few days before the start, the Treyarch studio is performing its traditional taunts to give an idea of ​​the next content in the shooter.

Operation Big Banditism is coming to an end and the next online FPS season will begin on Tuesday, April 30 on PlayStation 4. On social media, developers say they will reveal the holiday program duringa live broadcast scheduled for Monday at 9 pm in Youtube. This is not all that has been announced since Treyarch offered a sample of the content of the next operation.

On the multiplayer side, two videos have been published: one shows a new stealth specialist for multiplayer; Equipped with blades, corresponds to the description of Spectrum. The other illustrates one of the paid cards of several players, who will be in the mountains with a rugged train and a Viking statue. We also know that the Prop Hunt mode returns next week and that the black market will receive new weapons, including a sniper rifle. The Blackout and Zombies modes will not be left out, including an addition to Misty's character.

Meanwhile, in this fourth season, Black Ops 4 players can continue their prestige this weekend with duplicate experience and free access to the cards they usually pay on all platforms.

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