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Magical Harry Potter Tattoos

Are you ready to feel old? The first Harry Potter book was written in 1997, 14 years ago! For ten years, J. K. Rowling has published seven impressive books that have shaped the literary world in what we know today. Combined with the eight-part movie series, Harry Potter remains one of the most popular fantasy series in the world! J. K. Rowling also confirmed that the Harry Potter story was not over and that one of the additional works (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) produced his own film. The worldwide passion for Harry Potter shows no signs of fading, just like these tattoos! The series is so impressive that there are many people who have been tattooed. Taking care of them with a tattoo lotion, they will shine for decades after the original printing of the books. Be it a spell, an honest quote or a reference to the story, these tattoos have a deep meaning for those who use them.

Harry Potter Quotes tattoos

As I’m sure you know now, the Harry Potter story follows an orphan through the most difficult and magical part of his life. This combination of struggles and emotions is true for all who read it, and the number of unique pages on these pages is phenomenal. “Don’t let Muggles knock you down, honey,” is a popular phrase that has left a lot of hope in the dark times. Lidocaine cream and anesthetic cream help match people’s hopes before and after tattooing.
Before sacrificing himself, Harry Potter uses the resurrection stone to speak with the dead. They are told that they have always been there and that they will be there until the end. It is always also a reference to Snape’s eternal love for Lily. Tie yourself to a pretty tattoo chair or a tattoo table and let your artist commemorate this wonderful love on your skin.

Harry Potter Spell Tattoos

In addition to memorable quotes, the capricious nature of the story means that there are many words, symbols and even numbers that constitute a subtle reference to the stories. Sectum Sempra is a spell that causes seven damage to its target, Lumos illuminates the immediate area, and Manipity Managed, although not in Latin, is technically a spell to hide the contents of the Marauder’s card.

9 ¾ Tattoos

9 ¾ is a reference to the station where students board a train to Hogwarts, the lightning is a reference to the Harry Potter scar, the triangle symbol represents the deathly hallows and the skull with a snake is a tattoo that indicates to the user a Death Eater.

Right Ink Tattoo

These are just some of the references you’ll find in Harry Potter tattoos. Fans express their loyalty with ink, art and images. This series is so incredible that even the permanence of a tattoo may not be enough to express the monumental nature of these stories.


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