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Never ‘Refriend’ a person that tried to destroy your character

Are you one of those people who has a big heart? Be honest and tell me, how does it feel to be a bigger person in this society?

It doesn’t end up well all the time, right?

Have you ever felt that feeling deeper is a curse because you end up forgiving all the assholes who have done nothing but ruining your life.  If it’s so, darling you are a perfect human being.

It’s no joke to remain as a ‘human’ in this hell-like society. But if you are one of them, who still helps others, who feels sorry for others, who would cross the ocean for others, well, then you are breathing as a real human being.

But honey, everything comes with a price. Being a kind-hearted person won’t always gonna help you. It can make your life a living hell because we end up forgiving the people instead of kicking them out from our lives.

It’s perfectly fine to feel, help, cry and do whatever to make others happy, but if you forgive a person who you should have left at the first time, then darling, you are being a fool.

If someone’s dragging you down, mentally or physically, it doesn’t matter if it’s your ex, your partner or your best friend, all you have to do is to be strong and leave.

Trust me, it’s not easy to leave a person who you have been with, who you have shared everything with, but, what’s the point of having a toxic relationship if it doesn’t end up well.

So, if someone ever shows you their true colors, it’s up to you to leave or stay. You might forgive the first time, but trust me, if that person does the same thing again, then that’s not a mistake, it’s a choice. This is where you have to leave like this person doesn’t exist anymore. It’s better to be alone rather than being with someone who consistently ruins you. So believe me when I say this, never ever ‘refriend’ a person who tried to destroy you.

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