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Google has hidden an Easter egg in honor of Thanos


Google is a regular in Easter eggs and the firm loves to hide little surprises in its platforms and online services. The latter has been placed at the heart of its search engine and seeks to pay homage to the inevitable Thanos.

This week is a white cross for all the fans of the Marvel Universe. Avengers Endgame was released on Wednesday.

For its part, Google has had the idea of ​​paying tribute to the new component of the adventures of our heroes by hiding a Easter egg inside your search engine. Attention, the spoilers to come.

Google has created a new Easter egg in your search engine

To show this Easter egg, simply open the search engine (regardless of language and location) and type the keyword Thanos.

A succession of several results will appear on the screen, accompanied by a beautiful box on the right dedicated to the titan. An insert that consists of a carousel of images, an extract of Wikipedia and some scattered information, such as the size of the character, its interpreter, its first appearance or the movies in which it is cited.

But if you look closely at this part of the window, you will also see a stylized version of the Thanos Infinity Glove to the right of its name.

This glove is not there to decorate while we learn. 9to5Mac.

A way to pay tribute to Thanos

In fact, if you click on it, an animation will be activated and the glove will snap your fingers, thus eliminating half of the results of the search displayed. A good nod to Infinity War, in short.

But that’s not all, because clicking for the second time on the glove will have exactly the opposite effect and all the deleted results will reappear as if by magic.

Once again, the Googlers have been overcome and this Easter egg It is probably one of the best they have given us. By the way, if you want to compare, then know You will find here the list of the 30 best. Easter eggs of Google.







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