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In Brazil, a couple has restored a forest by planting two million trees in 20 years.


As we all know, the forest plays a key role in the welfare of the environment, hence the importance of preserving it. Unfortunately, this does not prevent massive deforestation that, in addition to leaving an arid and desolate land, is one of the main causes of global warming.

The photographer Sebastião Salgado decided to make a gesture to restore the forest that once covered the lands of his childhood in Brazil. Together with his wife Lélia Deluiz Wanick Salgado, he founded the “Instituto Terra” in 1998 with the objective of planting millions of trees and bringing vegetation.

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Twenty years later, the institute can boast of having achieved its objective. Not only was the land covered with lush forest again, but the animals also returned.

A carefully studied reforestation.

In an interview with The GuardianSebastião Salgado says that he and the members of the Terra Institute have not planted any trees.

“You need a forest with native trees.” Explain the photographer before specifying: “You have to collect the seeds in the same area where the plants or snakes and termites will not come.” If you plant forests that do not belong (to the region), the animals do not come and the forest is silent. “

Therefore, Sebastião, his wife and his partners have been very careful to plant only trees, flowers and other plants that come from the region. As a result, the earth has been flourishing rapidly and surprisingly in just a few years.

The ecosystem has been gradually reconstituted.

At first, the challenge was not easy, since half of the trees planted were dying. The couple of Salgado, however, persevered and little by little, the vegetation returned and with it the water, but also the animals. Nowadays, the exuberant forest covers more than 7,000 hectares.

Sebastião also proudly reports that the forest currently hosts about 172 species of birds, 33 species of mammals, 293 species of plants, 15 species of reptiles and 15 species of amphibians. All these creatures coexist in a joyful cacophony of calls and shouts.

The initiative of Sebastião and his wife Lélia shows that it is not too late to take care of the environment. Sometimes, only a handful of volunteers and passionate people recover the green and fertile land.



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