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AirPods 3 at the end of the year?


Apple Do you plan to release AirPods 3 at the end of the year ? This is at least what two new reports reveal.

According to the new leaks, the Cupertino company is currently working on third-generation AirPods. Digitimes In particular, the site also revealed that the main feature of AirPod 3 would be the integration of a noise reduction function. In addition, like its predecessors, these future Apple wireless headphones would be manufactured by Inventec and Luxshare Precision.


For its part, Bloomberg said recently that in addition to this feature that aims to allow the user to isolate, the AirPods 3 would be waterproof. Then the question arises of how the company will make these changes.

It should be known that the implementation of the noise reduction function presents important limitations in terms of design.

Two new AirPods in the fourth quarter?

Just a few hours after the publication of the Digitimes report, another appeared on the Internet. It is not a report, because it comes from the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In his new document on Apple’s projects, the latter argues that the US giant is expected to announce two new pairs of AirPods in the fourth quarter of 2019.

One of them should be a simple update of the current models, while the other would benefit from a new form factor and, therefore, cost more. The least we can say is that this revelation seems to confirm the rumor about the integration of the noise reduction function that requires a change in the design.

What about prices?

Always according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the model that resembles the current AirPod would have a sale price identical to that of the AirPods 2. Remember that the latter currently shows a base price of $ 159, against $ 199 for the most popular. Dear.

To reduce the production costs of AirPods 3, the iOS editor will try to revise its manufacturing strategy. This would allow it to maintain the prices of the current models despite the improvements that the next pairs of wireless headphones should offer.



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