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AT & T announces Galaxy Fold for June 13


AT & T finally deliver Galaxy Fold of June 13. Certainly, the launch of the phone in the US market has been delayed, but at least we have a date.

After the presentation of the Galaxy Fold that Samsung made last February, many expect the launch of the device. However, depending on SamMobile, the US operator AT & T postponed the delivery date of the latter to its customers. The reason is that Samsung has announced the postponement of terminal launch events in different markets around the world. Due to problems experienced by people who envisioned it.

Some of the problems that arose during the test were due to misuse, while others involved the folding phone. In other words, there were defective units.

Given this decision of Samsung, AT & T has opted for a new date.

The US operator gives appointments to its customers next June.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold would be commercialized in the United States from April 26. The South Korean firm still seems to bet on this date, but AT & T preferred to delay its launch, probably to have more margin. To announce the change of schedule to their customers, the operator sent them an email that revealed that they would begin to deliver the foldable smartphone on June 13.

It is not clear why AT & T has adopted this new schedule, but in their email, they indicate that they need the agreement of the people who pre-ordered the phone to set a new date.

For its part, Samsung revealed that users tended to remove the surface layer of the screen folding, thinking it was a screen saver while the latter in fact ensures the proper functioning of the terminal.

Better inform customers

Before launching the marketing of the Galaxy Fold, the South Korean giant wants to make sure that users have understood how to use the smartphone. In addition, at a recent press point, the firm said it wanted to give more “advice to consumers about the care and use of the screen, including the protective layer.”

Hopefully, this measure will not have a negative impact on sales.



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