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CRISPR used in the treatment of cancer in the United States

We hear a lot about the CRISPR gene editing technique. And the latest news about a US cancer study UU., Taking advantage of CRISPR, indicate that a new level in this technique has been reached.

according NPRTwo patients have been treated for cancer as part of a CRISPR efficacy study. This new phase of testing in humans. has been approved by the Medical Administration of the United States.

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Tests at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA) involve two patients with cancer both of whom have relapsed after receiving standard cancer treatment.

One of them had sarcoma, while the other had multiple myelomas.

A quantitative and qualitative modification of the genes.

Many of the diseases and diseases that affect humans are caused by a gnome problem. For example, in the case of cancer, this genetic problem is the source of disordered development of certain cells within a tissue of the body, which can then spread throughout the body.

Depending on where messy reproduction occurs, there are different types of cancer. Then we talk about myeloma for a cancer located in the muscle fibers, carcinoma for another that develops in the epithelium of the skin, or sarcomas for cases of connective tissues such as bones, etc.

Basically, all these diseases have one thing in common: a modification of the genetic information contained in the gene of the responsible cells, which leads to their disorderly proliferation.

Modify the immune cells of patients genetically.

To overcome this, the idea of ​​scientists for this current research is to use genetic engineering using CRISPR to genetically modify immune cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

In general, gene modification treatments use viruses that integrate with cells to make specific changes in cellular DNA. This has as a main limitation the possible appearance of new problems related to the virus itself.

But with CRISPR, the identified genes are directly modified at the cell’s DNA level with molecules that attack them. This makes it possible to eliminate or modify parts of the DNA at the cellular level.

In this way, researchers can establish a new defensive ability at the level of immune cells of patients to fight against cancer cells. This technique can be used to combat a wide range of diseases.


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