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Avengers is still very popular on Pornhub


It’s not just for fans of the Marvel movie universe that Avengers They are popular Our favorite superheroes also have the coast in PornHub. Apparently, all the noise generated by the release of Avengers Endgame, the shutter that will definitely seal the fate of the MCU, gave ideas to porn lovers.

PornHub has revealed that every time a movie of the Avengers is released, users come to the site to act. investigation In relation to the Marvel saga. We learn, for example, that when Avengers Infinity War was launched in 2018, the rate of research on Avengers has increased by 356% on PornHub.

With the release of Avengers Endgame and the madness that has awakened in recent months, it is normal that PornHub inform us about it.

Captain Marvel and Black Widow have the coast.

PornHub should congratulate itself for having made this report, because the traffic was denser just before the launch of Avengers Endgame. So we discovered that research on the Avengers on PornHub has experienced a 2912% increase April 19, 2019, compared to the results observed the previous days.

In seven days, there are approximately 2 million new investigations about the Avengers that have been added to the previous results. PornHub statisticians also revealed who were the most popular Marvel characters on the adult site.

First we have Captain Marvel, then Black Widow and finally Spider Man.

Iron Man and Black Panther rejected by porn fans

If Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Spider Man are very popular and fantasize with many users, we can not say much about other Marvel characters. Right after Spider Man, we found the Hulk in the ranking of characters that people would like to see in action.

Captain America comes after him. It is followed closely by Scarlet Witch and Gamora. Unfortunately, Thor, Iron Man and Black Panther have been rejected by Internet users on PornHub. Our three heroes compete for the last place in the standings.

As we say, we can not please everyone, even if we are a superhero.



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