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The fingerprint reader below the Nokia 9 screen is not really effective

One of the most popular technologies for smartphone fans is the fingerprint reader under the screen. A way to give up physical buttons and benefit from more innovative phones. The next step seems to be the front sensor under the slab or the presence of a 5G compatibility. Many smartphones already offer a fingerprint reader under the screen: the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Huawei P30 Pro, the OnePlus 6T or the Xiaomi Mi 9. But that does not mean that all technologies are the same, as a Twitter user proves .

And for good reason: the Nokia 9 would see that its fingerprint reader is easily fooled by any impression. Worse yet: for a simple pack of … chewing gum!

Suffice it to say bad news for Nokia, which struggles to win in the smartphone market dominated by formidable competition.

The Nokia 9 would not be very effective in the fingerprint reader below the screen.

The Nokia 9 was an opportunity for the company to recover, she was struggling to find a place in the smartphone market that dominated in her childhood. The technological change has been very hard for the manufacturer, who has very few actions at present.

The Nokia 9 was, therefore, an exception, especially with the fingerprint reader below the screen, much sought after by fans. However, a user has shown on Twitter that the smartphone could be tricked by any finger, even if it has not been registered on the device.

But the video shown below goes further by showing that even a pack of chewing gum can pass the security of the smartphone. There is so much evidence that it is better to be without the fingerprint reader on the screen with this Nokia 9, even if an update has recently been implemented to improve its performance.

It must be said that all technologies are not valid according to the media technologies of the manufacturers. Not to mention that the fingerprint reader under the screen is only in its infancy and can not always be very precise. To use the good old code while you wait!

Nokia, for its part, said it had opened an investigation.


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