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The Samsung Galaxy Fold disassembly reveals an "alarmingly fragile" screen – ViralAim


While Samsung conducts its own internal investigations, the people of iFixit had a lot to say about the Galaxy Fold in its own disassembly. The written article is a bit like a roller coaster, admiring the "first generation ambitious device", while observing some clear flaws in the way the foldable was put together.

There is a complete breakdown of 19 steps of the product that adheres to the breakdown that is usually done on the site, but the key point here is the "alarmingly fragile" display mechanism. "It's alarming" is not the kind of word that looks slightly on a site like iFixit .

"The initial findings of the inspection of the problems reported on the screen showed that they could be associated with the impact on the exposed upper and lower areas of the hinge," Samsung wrote Monday when it officially delayed the release of the Fold to an undisclosed date. . That certainly seems to confirm the relatively fragile nature.

And iFixit did the unthinkable, recovering the protection screen, which has been confused with the replaceable adhesive plastic by the user that is sent by other Samsung devices. As expected, it was not great. "In all known cases (including ours!), The removal of this layer destroys the visualization," the site writes. "Technically, the screen could work without the layer, but it is very attached and the screen is so fragile that it is difficult to remove without applying a screen breaking pressure."

The site was suitably impressed with the mechanism of the hinge, but notes that "large gaps around the column allow dirt to enter, being able to get caught between the hinge and the screen." That's in line with one of the two points in Samsung's report of "an instance where the substances found inside the device affected the performance of the screen."

Dismantling seems to confirm fears that the problems could be broader than some faulty revision units. Hopefully, Samsung will push things back enough to adequately address the above problems.


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