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Tesla opens an investigation after the explosion of an Model S in a parking lot


You are thereLike many automakers, it has tried to conquer the Chinese market for several years. Unfortunately, a video that shows a The model S turns on alone and then explodes. In a covered parking there is a risk of tarnishing the reputation of the company. The video in question was shared on the Weibo social network and was seen by millions of users.

Taking this matter seriously, Tesla sent a team to investigate the cause and origins of the incident.

For now, the automaker has not yet released news about the causes of the explosion. According to rumors, the incident would have happened in Shanghai. However, the origin of the video would not have been verified yet.

A viral video on Weibo.

The video that shows a Tesla Model S turns on by itself and then explodes in a covered parking that would have been recorded with a surveillance camera. The video of a few seconds shows in particular the white smoke that escapes from the bottom of the car, and then lead to a strong explosion that causes the vehicle to fire.

The vehicle continues to burn and the flames quickly reach an Audi that is parked next.

The video was published on Weibo, where more than twenty million Internet users saw it. Another video showing the damage, three completely charred cars, was posted on the Chinese social network.

Tesla takes the case seriously.

In a statement, the automaker said it had sent a computer to research About the case and that there were no victims.

" We are actively contacting the relevant departments and offering our collaboration to understand what has happened. According to the information collected so far, there are no deaths or injuries. "

Keep in mind that this is not the first time that this type of incident occurs with a Tesla car. In 2018, the video of a burning Tesla on the streets of Los Angeles was also on the network in a few hours. According to the owner of the vehicle, the American actress Mary McCormack, the battery would have burned for no reason.


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