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a rumor about Rose and Finn


Rumors abound Star Wars IX the rise of Skywalker, the last part of the intergalactic saga. The latest has been thrown out by the Making Star Wars site, which is said to be generally reliable. This refers to the romance between Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finnish (John Boyega)

According to this rumor, Rose will become the "love interest" of Finn in Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker. Their budding relationship would give Finn a "reason to keep fighting." Even if this information should still be taken with tweezers, it is not without foundation.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we already noticed a strong bond that united the two characters.

Two interrelated characters

The first time that Finn's path meets Rose's path is in The Awakening of the Force. Rose was then a Resistance mechanic, and Finn, on the other hand, had gone from the illustrious unknowns committed to the heroes to becoming King's companion.

Both characters have many similarities, since both lived in the shadow of others.

John Boyega already spoke about their meeting and explained that Rose was a crucial character in Finn's adventure. " When Finn meets Rose, he tries to escape this war. Try to escape. And she comes into his life and shows him an image of him that is not necessarily true. He has to make a decision and Rose is there to help him make that decision. "

A complicity that goes beyond the filming of plateaus.

Throughout the films, the bond that united the two characters has continued to be squeezed. If the alchemy that unites Rose and Finn jumped directly into the public eye, it is because the two actors are also very close in real life, as can be seen in their respective social networks.

Kelly Marie Tran does not hesitate to praise her partner on the screen: " We had a lot of fun on the set. We do not stop making jokes. He is so generous in his performance and did a great job. I do not think I can have a better partner on the screen. "

Therefore, it is very likely that the complicity of the two actors will be exploited at a completely different level in the last part.


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