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Here are some hilarious incidents faced by parents!

“I did not always have a veil of burp on my shoulder when I took my newborn, and I thought that if I held him for a minute, he would not spit, that my back and back were very hot I did not feel anything outside my shorts Where are you and whatever you do, always put a little on your shoulder when you’re holding your little one. “

– Lisa

“I just took care of my new little girl, Lexi, I had just washed her, so I was wrapped in her towel and I went from the bathroom to her room, say something to my mother , who was visiting, and Lexi dropped! There was a huge puddle on the kitchen floor and I was pretty wet too! “

– Michelle

“The day my son Mason was born, my husband made his first diaper change.” But when he took Mason, he urinated on him. because the navel stump was too low and Mason’s little pee came out. My husband was so embarrassed. “

– Brandi


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