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Google Maps will now tell us if electric charging stations are used


With Google Maps, users will now know if a charging station for electric vehicles or free is used. A new feature that should be of great help to us.

Good news for motorists who use Google Maps as a navigation application. As indicated The edge, now you can indicate if a charging station is free or occupied. This adds to many other features built into Google Maps last October to make life easier for electric car users.

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At that time, Google had announced the possibility of knowing the location of the charging stations, the number of loaders available in each location, its power, its price and the opinions of the users.

By announcing the new feature that lets you know if the terminals are busy, the Internet giant makes it easier for us. In fact, it helps to avoid wasted time.

A novelty that for the moment does not benefit all users.

It is true that it is good to know that Google has added this new feature to Google Maps, but keep in mind that, for the moment, only users residing in the United States and the United Kingdom can benefit. We still do not know when it will reach the euro zone, but this should not be long, especially because in countries such as Norway and the Netherlands, sales of electric vehicles are booming.

In addition to being limited to certain countries, the function currently only shows charging points Chargemaster, EVgo and SemaConnect. The Mountain View company plans to add ChargePoint loaders soon. The most surprising thing is that Tesla’s superchargers are not on the list, while the brand is well known all over the world. In any case, since this is a feature that is not yet available only in two countries, there is no need to worry.

How to see the status of the chargers?

To know if a charger is used in Google Maps or not, the user only has to consult the list of nearby chargers when searching for “EV charging stations” in the application.

It must be taken into account that you can access the function from almost all devices compatible with the Google navigation service (PC, Android, iOS, Android Auto, etc.).




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