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Fake D.J Trump Crisis

If you’re surprised President Trump announced that his brilliant negotiating skills have averted a new crisis with Mexico over tariffs, you have not been paying attention to Donald Trump’s crisis management style. Which is first create a crisis for the foreign countries second threaten that country to make concessions to the United States third get no concessions fourth announce victory you can plug in North Korea or Mexico in that formula. But what you should have known from the start is that president Trump’s threatened tariffs on Mexico were never going to happen for many reasons. First of all the Trump administration spent 2 years negotiating NAFTA 2.0. Which is really more like NAFTA 1.1!  It includes no changes in structural changes in NAFTA that in any way change the fundamental nature of our trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

The new NAFTA cannot go into effect unless it is approved by Congress which could turn out to be a difficult thing for the Trump administration to get through Congress. But it would have been impossible for the Trump administration to get it through Congress if Donald Trump was already violating the new NAFTA and the old NAFTA by illegally creating a bunch of new tariffs on Mexican products and it has finally sunk into the point where Republicans are actually admitting it publicly. Because their voters have figured it out that the Trump tariffs are paid for by Americans, not by foreign countries.

The Trump tariffs are paid in effect as sales taxes on things we buy in America in this country and so the tariffs are not popular. So Mexico had no trouble figuring out that Donald Trump’s tariff threat was a fake Trump threat. And now that the news media is on to the Trump game of creating a crisis and then pretending to solve the crisis.

The president is upset that the news media is accurately reporting that Donald Trump got nothing new from Mexico and surrendered on his threatened tariffs so the president is pretending he got some secret agreement with Mexico on something else that the president won’t even say what it is.

And Mexico is saying that is completely untrue the president has no secret agreement with Mexico according to Mexico.

But I want to thank Mexico and we do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time. But they have to get approval from their legislative body what is it why are the Mexicans denying it that I don’t think they’ll be denying it very long. It’s all done senator Chuck Schumer predicted all of this a week ago he makes these threats and then he backs off when he sees the danger I believe that he will back off when faced with the opposition among business among his own Republicans and when he sees what a dumb movie is made in terms of dealing with both the border the American economy and with any kind of trade agreement he might try to get.

And so what will the next fake trump crisis be? Will DJ Trump continued to play the crisis game throughout the presidential campaign and will enough of his voters continue to fall for it.


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