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The New Neymar Batman and Spiderman Tattoo

Just before facing Naples in the Champions League, a competition where he had shone recently against the Red Star, Neymar went to the tattooist. To get Batman and Spiderman Tattoo.

Obviously, Neymar loves superheroes

The PSG striker was engraved in the upper back characters Batman and Spiderman. A work by Thieres Paim, who shared the cliché on Instagram.

In addition to being a fashion fan and especially Off-White ™, Neymar is a fan of superheroes.

So fans do not get to your offensive stances whether Marvel is better than DC or DC better than Marvel!

Neymar is known as a tattoo fan as he got over 34 tattoos over his body. His dedication to Catholicism and family is highly expressed by his tattoos.

Neymar Jr. him has more than 30 tattoos on the clock. Drawings that do not fail to make the headlines of the press or to inspire the brands with which they work. Nike had, for example, inspired the “shhh” tattooed on one of his fingers to unveil a pair of crampons flanked by the same inscription.

It is also the case of Diesel Fragrances, of which Neymar Jr. has just co-created the latest perfume, and whose bottle sports a lion, a tattoo that can be found on the fist of the Brazilian star. But when you ask number 10 for the drawing he prefers on his skin, the answer is immediate. He needs a little roll up the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a large “Family”, written in Gothic letters. “This one I made myself in 2015 at Messi, he had brought his tattoo artist. He, by the way, blew the idea. This tattoo is the most important for me because the family is forever, “says Neymar Jr., who rarely walks without his entourage.

Always accompanied by his friends wherever he goes, the new Ney Diesel Fragrances can also count on his father Neymar Senior, his agent since its inception, and his mother “my superhero” as he recently captioned under a photo of his “Mães” posted on Instagram. “Here in Paris I have all my family, my friends, they have always supported me, they accompany me everywhere”. And the Parisian striker is still under a good escort, on his right forearm is the portrait of his son: “Tattoos related to my family I have plenty (laughs). I also have the face of my mother, my sister … “, he says in a last shy laugh.

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