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Stay real, Stay loyal, or stay the f*ck away from me

Stay real, Stay loyal, or stay the f*ck away from me

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your boyfriend of your best friend, you can get hurt by both of them and trust me it hurts the same way. In a world full of fake people, it’s a bit of sheer luck to find a person who is truly down for you.

Have you ever had that ‘being dumped’ feeling from a person who meant everything to you? It’s not always the words ‘we are done’. It’s your gut feeling which tells you that, this person has changed. You realize when the person starts to drift apart before he says ‘We need to talk’.

And with it starts the ‘season of monsoon’. As I mentioned, it does not necessarily have to be your boyfriend. Friends can break your heart too. So, you crawl in your bed avoiding all the social contacts. You’d rather go to hell than leaving your room. You eat everything or you don’t eat at all. This phase can last for ages because when it hurts, trust me, it damn hurts.

According to my experience, I think everyone gets ditched twice or thrice until you realize the value of yourself. Let me say it in this way. You try to give everything you have for a person, unfortunately, who don’t know the value of you. You empty yourself to fill this person and you end up having nothing for you. And, as you have known, this person leaves making you hate yourself more than hating him because darling deep down you knew that one day, this would happen.  So here it starts the era of being cold-hearted.

Tell me, is this his fault because you were attached to this particular person and you were heartbroken when he left you and bleh bleh… NO! it’s your fault and it’s only yours. No one asked you to be like that. No one asked you to cling on to him. You took those decisions by yourself and honey, sometimes you have to pay the price on your own.

Getting dumped it not bad at all because then you start to use your brain more than the heart. So, you start to understand the value of yourself which you learned with a tough lesson. The best part of being heartbroken is that you start to choose people who enter your life because you don’t wanna go to that hell again. It’s good, doesn’t it? You start to say NO! and you find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served.

So, basically, you go through hell before you get to heaven. You end up looking for loyal and faithful friends. If not, you know that you have the strength to survive alone. The more people you meet, the more you realize how fake people are. This is why it’s said ‘Fewer friends, less bullshit, keep your circle small’ If you have at least one true, loyal friend, trust me, you are way luckier than half of the people in this world.


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