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BBQ party at vegan house!?

More than 6000 people to attend Mass BBQ party At the house of Vegan who sued Neighbors for cooking meat

More than 6000 people have already claimed to attend the Mass BBQ outside the house of Cilla Cardin, a vegan who sued her neighbors because she was smelling the cooking meat.

“This will be a peaceful protest. Nobody is allowed to enter Mrs. Cardenas Property. There will be wardens on hand to check on everybody”

“The front yards of the neighbors will be used, food trucks and the other vehicles would be parked in the driveways of the neighbors who are participating.”

Carden said to the DailyMail AU that this problem has taken unnecessary attention. She said that she will always respect the right of other people to do BBQ but she has a problem with her neighbors doing them every now and then.

Her lawyer, Jon Hammond said “ anyone who will step foot on Mrs. Carden’s property on 19th October 2019, will be charged on trespassing, security cameras will be installed and we will keep a sharp lookout about the people who are attending and if anything happens there will be plenty of evidence to the police”

One of the people who is going to attend the party wrote “We won’t enter her property anyways. We will be on the street which is public property and we will bring huge fans which will blow the smells right into her house”


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