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Twillight saga continues to Batman

Kristen Stewart “I feel like he’s the only guy that could play that part.”

Obviously, Superhero’s films are here to stay, with rewritten characters and reinvented stories because the studios think they can make some money (or at least that’s my point of view, because OMG exists * so * so many superhero films). Another upcoming release is The Batman, released in 2021, which will only portray Robert Pattinson, the leading man in Twilight, as Bruce Wayne.

Some people naturally think it was a strange kind of acting – after all, Rob spent most of his years after Twilight talking about how much he disliked being in the blockbuster and then moved on to smaller, more independent films, such as an upcoming horror film where a scary beacon operator plays Octopus. But you know who thinks Rob is the perfect actor to play Batman? His ex-wife Christine Stewart.

At the TIFF Film Festival this weekend, I talked about Rob’s new role with Variety, saying: “I feel he is the only one who can play that role, and I’m very happy with it. I’m very happy with that, I heard it and thought,” Man! ” that’s cool. ” And how good Christine with her ex? Last summer, the two men were filmed together for the first time in about five years. They seem to have remained friends. I just hope that Rob’s version of Batman is successful enough to get a sequel that presents Kristen as a villain, because how amazing it will be?!?


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