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Drone Footage Reveals Over 100 Whales Trapped In Secret Underwater “Jails”

A hundred cetaceans were kept in a very small place in a series of small packs off Russia’s Pacific coast, near to the southeastern city of Nakhodka.

Totally, 11orcas and 90beluga whales are being kept in what activists are now calling a “whale jail”, which is absolutely illegal. According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, This is the largest number of marine animals captured in this way and prosecutors would be tasked with determining whether killer whales and puberty are kept illegally in small containers.

Caught and Sold for Commercial Purposes?

There is evidence that these species have been captured and conserved for commercial purposes. We intended to sell them to ocean parks in China at a high price, according to telegraph, An Orca whale can reportedly has a price tag more than $6 million in the booming ocean theme park industry in neighboring China. There are more than 60 marine parks in China, and at least a dozen more are under construction.

It is till being investigated by public prosecutors in searching the truth behind this scene in order to find out whether these creatures have been caught for scientific or educational purposes, as the companies say it is for the scientific and educational purposes. (Even though the footage clearly shows many more sea creatures than the 13, which is permitted to capture earlier this year.) It is also have been examined by the lawyers of the conditions that the sea creatures are being heldin GreenpeaceRussia has described as “torture”.

It is observed that the tanks may also contain infants with a number of adult orcas and belugas which is not acceptable even for scientific and educational purposes.

As per the experts, this will derive a threat for the future of this species and sea creatures held in the enclosures.

“Catching them at this tempo, we risk losing our entire orca population,”Oganes Targulyan Greenpeace Russia research coordinator. “The capture quota now is 13 animals a year, but no one is taking into account that at least one orca is killed for everyone that is caught.”


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