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a suspended streamer for painting his face in black during a cosplay


Twitch, the broadcast service, also a popular community of players, is very much looking at the content that its members share, and a streamer has just experienced it.

Karina Martsinkevich, better known in the Twitch community under the pseudonym “Karupups”, has made been suspended by the managers of the platform for a Duration of 30 days For making a video of her, she made Lifeline for a cosplay.

For the occasion, Karina “Karupups” dyed her hair, put on her disguise and painted cured on the face in black, with what appears to be a dark makeup to highlight the appearance of the character who wanted to copy the functions of his video.

The video, made live in the “Just chatting” section, with almost 170 viewers, was not completed.

Paint your face to look like a character from Apex Legends

Karina Martsinkevich is of Lithuanian origin and, strictly speaking, her light complexion does not highlight the dark skin color of the Apex Legends character (who comes from Jamaica) and is incorporated into the cosplay that she wants to achieve unless you wear makeup.

To do so, he used dark makeup, which then tends to a black face style, easily recognizable by its use in certain comedies and theatrical performances. A practice often considered racist.

Following Karupups’ publication of his temporary ban on Twitch for “hateful behavior towards a person or group of people,” he apologized for not having wanted to offend anyone in his video and that his intention was not to hurt.

Understand the complexity of cosplays.

In an email addressed In Kotaku, Karupups explains that “I just wanted to show people how difficult it is to achieve a character’s cosplay, and that details such as costume and makeup take a considerable amount of time.”

However, the reactions that followed the publication of Karupups inflamed the canvas in relation to the aspects described as “racist” by some and simple artistic expression for entertainment purposes for others.



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