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George R. R. Martin would have liked Game of Thrones to last a little longer


So what George R.R. Martin It is still in full draft of “The winds of winter”, the next volume of the literary saga “A song of ice and fire”, which inspired the very famous Game of Thrones, meanwhile, the series is about to bow. At the end of its eighth and final season, Game of Thrones will end on May 19, 2019.

This marks the end of an era and it is not just the fans of the program who are affected by the stoppage of the program.

In a interview awarded to Rolling Stone, George R.R. Martin reported that He would have liked the series to last a little longer..

It is in the tone of sadness that the successful author declared: ” I wish there were a few seasons.

Anything good until the end, George.

In a few years, Game of Thrones has managed to leave a deep impression on the television scene. Like George R.R. Martin, many of us would have liked the series to stay a little longer on the screens, but as we say so well: anything good until the end.

Although he understood this, George R.R. Martin still understands the end of the program and it is with a touch of nostalgia that he speaks into the microphone of Rolling Stone. Understandably, it is never easy to say goodbye to a project that has been invested for many years.

New projects for the team.

Even if the end of the series saddens us as much as George RR Martin, we can understand that David Benioff and DB Weiss, presenters of the series, want to close the show while it is at the peak of its popularity to avoid that. it does not fall into decrepitude with the seasons and the public ends up losing interest.

For his part, George R. R. Martin also conceives that the team of the series wants to navigate to new horizons. ” I’m a little sad, actually I wish there were some seasons, but I understand. Benioff and Weiss need to move forward to focus on other things and I am sure that some of the actors have signed for seven or eight years and I would like to refer now to other projects and interpret other roles.

He concluded by insisting that he did not regret having stopped the series, but simply nostalgic.



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