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You may hate it, but Facebook Stories now have 500 million users – ViralAim


You might think it’s redundant with Instagram Stories, or just do not want to see the boring lives of high school friends, but Snapchat-like ephemeral Stories now have 500 million daily users on Facebook. and messenger. The status of the WhatsApp Stories feature also has 500 million daily, and Instagram reached that milestone three months ago. That’s impressive, because it means that one third of the 1.56 billion daily Facebook users are publishing or viewing Stories every day, from scratch when Facebook launched the show two years ago.

For reference, the inventor of Historias Snapchat has only 190 million daily users in total.

Facebook Stories

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new statistics for the first quarter earnings call of 2019 from Facebook, which showed that the user growth rate increased, but he had to save $ 3 billion for a possible fine from the FTC for internships. Of privacy.

Facebook not only uses Stories to keep people involved, but also to get more money out of them. Today, Director of Operations, Sheryl Sandberg, announced that 3 million advertisers have now purchased Stories ads in the Facebook application family. I hope that Facebook launches a Network of story announcements soon so that other applications can display vertical video ads on Facebook and get a share of the revenue.

Facebook’s aggressive move to clone Snapchat stories not only on Instagram but everywhere may have bothered users at first, but many of them have appeared. If you give people a place to put their face on top of their friends’ phones, they will fill it. And if someone hangs a window in the lives of the people he knows and the ones he wants me to do, he will open that window regularly.


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