Woman finds diamond ring on carrot in garden

A Canadian octogenarian, who thought she had lost forever her engagement ring, has just found her thirteen years later, the precious jewel having resurfaced around a carrot taken from her former kitchen garden.

Mary Grams, 84, told Canadian media that in 2004 she lost the ring she had worn since 1951 while weeding on the family farm in Alberta.

Embarrassed by this loss, she went so far as to buy a spare ring to hide the secret from her husband. Only his son was in the secret.

Her husband died after their sixtieth wedding anniversary in 2012.

This week Mary Grams’ daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, who lives on the farm, found the ring washing a carrot that she had picked from the kitchen garden.

Woman finds diamond ring on carrot in garden

Deformed, the carrot was crushed in the middle, surrounded by the ring.

“I had never seen that,” Colleen Daley told CBC. “I asked my husband if he recognized the ring, and he said yes, and it has reappeared on that carrot,” he added.

Mrs. Grams never expected to see her ring again during her lifetime. “She’s fine with me,” she told the CBC.

Strangely, this story is not unprecedented. A Swede had found her wedding ring on a carrot growing in her garden in 2011, sixteen years after having lost it.



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