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Director Confirmed! New Joker Movie is Rated R

The director Todd Phillips has confirmed that the new Joker Movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as “Joker” will be rated R.

Phillis replied through his Instagram post about the rating as “I will be rated R. I’ve been asked about this a lot. Just assumed people knew. Sorry”

Furthermore, he states that there is an idea of publishing a kind of photobook stating “We would LOVE to do that. Niko Tavernise is truly one of the best still photographers working in movies and we were so lucky to have him on set”

Though the director is sure that the new movie will be rated R, MPAA which decide ratings in America yet to be announced its official rating. They say that studios can plan in advance and target a specific rating.

The rating ‘R’ stands for Restricted and according to MPAA R-rated movies “contains some adult materials”. People under 17 cannot see an R-rated movie without a parent or adult guardian with them.

Joker opens in theaters on October 4. For the Director Todd Phillips who previously have made the Hangover and Old School Comedies this is something different. The Borat which he wrote for has also nominated for Oscar.

Apart from Joaquin Phoenix Joker also stars Marc Maron, Frances Conroy, Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz.


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